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Common mistakes most developers do

Are you a developer? If yes then I am sure you want to do add everything like every feature and function to the sites you develop to make it function well. But do you know? With increasing features of your website, the possibility of making errors and mistakes is also increased.

Most developers perform some common mistakes and are highly recommended to go through them and learn from the mistakes of others instead of doing your own as there are very few chances of correcting them in the future. Common mistakes most developers do are –

1. trusting the input of the user – not all the input provided by the users have to be trusted. Validating strong user interface and database level is a great way to safeguard your application from wrong activities of some users.

2. Skipping documents – don’t skip any documents in any case. Reading source code is a good option for guessing the functionality but the entire application cannot be developed based on that source code. Keep updating your documents for a better user experience.

3. Error logging – users don’t need error logging and it needs to be corrected. Resolving errors due to coding is crucial for the stability of the application.

4. Recklessly using privileged access – in the development process, the access for data modification should be limited. The application should be controlled carefully.

5. Hard coding – coding that is easy to use is always beneficial and should be done carefully for avoiding any possible problems in the future.

6. Inflexible code – modification of the inflexible code at the later stage is a very hefty task and can take hours so, develop the platform that has flexible code in the initial stage only.

7. Unresponsive designing – nowadays sites that are responsive are only in the field, unresponsive sites have become extinct. Don’t let your user experience suffer, create only responsive web designs.

8. Meaningless content – don’t use meaningless content or add unnecessary pages that need no recognition.

9. Using old-school HTML – old HTML had very few features available than we have today. Using old HTML can complicate the mark up moreover there are certain tags which are not even present in present HTML. This creates a bad impact of your site or application and makes it behave inconsistently in several browsers.

10. Development has done keeping only one browser in mind – if the site is browser-centric, quality reduces significantly in the others browsers which ultimately brings down rankings. Codes have to make responsive for every browser possible.

Oops, you still did the mistake? Don’t worry there are some corrections possible like browser-centric applications can be avoided by testing it in several browsers for quality; get notified of all the present HTML features and markups available for avoiding usage of old HTML, also don’t use HTML to display your content; for responsive web designs there should be responsive layout and responsive images used; use SEO tools and techniques to add meaning to a page that has useful content etc. are some of the ways to avoid the common mistakes during the development process.

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