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Right IT technical practices for hands on programming to achieve success in 2019

According to Wikipedia “technology is something that involves the application of science and is useful for the society”. Humans have always been interested in using the latest technologies for creating something new. Since time is immortal and we are using ways to store our important information and with the growing technology we now use computers and networks for this purpose and IT (information technology) industry is all about this and do you know what are the latest technologies that are going to cover the market in 2019? Well, you must be excited to know more about this topic as me. So, let’s explore.

The aim of the industry was always to create beneficial innovations and has succeeded in it also by creating cutting-edge technologies in the past.

Some of the best latest upcoming technologies that are going to cover the IT market in 2019 are-

    1. Artificial Intelligence: With the creation of Sophia, first robot citizen of the world we have already stepped into the world of artificial intelligence that means the use of intelligence and power of robots.
    2. Docker: A software container to manage your apps effectively. This tool lets you run applications easily using containers. It even makes it possible to run many apps on the old server. Packaging and shipment of programs can be easily done using this program. It has everything you can install on a server.
    3. Netamato Presence: An advanced level of security. This outdoor camera can detect and differentiate between people, things, and animals. This will let you know every detail of the thing that entered your house. It even works well in dark.
    4. 5G Era: India will sooner get its latest communication technology – 5g for reaching the speed of communication to a peak level.
    5. Voice Recognition (VR) Technology: Seamless technology for the recognition of your speech by a machine. This will get revolutionize in 2019. Even the development of UIs that is smart enough for your smartphones and computers to work fully on voice commands is in progress.
    6. Hybrid Cloud: It is a technique of combining public cloud data and private cloud data. It easily differentiates critical data from the company’s normal data. Important data can be stored in the private cloud and the accessible data is stored in the public cloud. It is an initiative for security purposes brought by Microsoft Azure.

This is not just the end. The list goes on as many new technologies are in the process of development like edge computing, UI overhaul etc. IT industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world and has improved its productivity. The latest technologies that cover our market usually become the driver of our economic growth. The demand for the latest technologies has increased substantially over the years as a race is getting faster, people now want to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies to make their life easy.

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